Midland have 7 base stations and we would like a map with location pins ( Base Name) for each base and then the details (Network ID & Network Frequency) to appear when you click on the individual base locations. As discussed it would fit best in the dealer services, tab under RTK Base Station Network. I am also thinking a small spiel like this;

RTK from John Deere provides highly accurate, repeatable corrections from global positioning system (GPS) to John Deere’s suite of precision ag applications. RTK utilizes a local, ground-based reference station that transmits the high-accuracy corrections to a StarFire receiver on a machine via RTK Radios.

Midland Tractors provide a network of RTK Base Stations around Tasmania, which are owned, maintained and supported by our precision ag department. Having a dealer-owned RTK Base Station Network means the customers’ investment in much lower as they don’t have to purchase and maintain a base station and offers the flexibility to have multiple machines operating in different places at once. Contact your local Midland Tractors branch to find out more.

Please click on the map for login details of the base you wish to use.

*StarFire RTK accuracy depends on the distance between the base station and the machine. The shorter the distance, the more accurate the system will be. In general, the accuracy of StarFire RTK is described below.

  • +/- 2.5-cm horizontal pass-to-pass, 95 percent of the time, 20 km baseline
  • +/- 5-cm vertical pass-to-pass, 95 percent of the time, 2 km baseline
  • Up to 20 km line of sight
  • Measured at the receiver every 15 minutes
  • RTK signal is available up to a 39.5 Km baseline, with varying accuracy
  • Annual subscription fees apply

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